Inbound Marketing & PR Methodology

This is marketing and PR that has a direct and measurable impact on your sales. It turns traditional, outbound marketing and PR inside out – reflecting modern buying behaviour by moving away from ‘cold’ marketing techniques that broadcast inward looking, sales orientated information to unwilling buyers.

Instead, inbound marketing and PR generates willing buyers, by enabling potential customers to discover our clients through useful content – content that potential customers are looking for and which positions our clients as trusted experts in their field.

By profiling your ‘buyer-personas’, their typical buyer journeys and the trigger or pain points that lead them to buy, we build awareness, attract and engage with leads until they are not only customers, but promoters.

The model is simple.  Working with us enables you to:

Attract.  From stranger to visitor

Use remarkable, relevant content focused on specific customer ‘pain points’ to drive traffic to dedicated campaign web pages – where ‘opt in’ contact details can be gathered.

Convert.  From visitor to lead

Understand the buyer journey, use content and clever distribution, to nurture every lead according to their position on the buyer journey – only passing them to sales when they are ready to buy.

Close. From lead to customer

Integrate sales and marketing to enable an efficient sales close informed by detailed information about each prospect – what they care about and the problems they are seeking to solve.

Delight.  From customer to promoter

Customers are your’ most important advocates.  Nurture their advocacy through continued useful content and contact even after they are established as customers.